A Rant Post.

So I was obsessed with this series called “Do No Harm”. Jason Cole, a neuro-surgeon, has an alter personality who comes at 8:25 PM everyday and leaves at 8:25 AM. The good guy is Jason, of course, and his alter, Ian, is the bad guy. So I’ve been watching this series for weeks as they use one body to try to kill each other.

I watched whole Saturday and waited til Sunday, 1:30 AM to watch Episode 13 (entitled This is How it Ends).

And, like all good stories, turned out they were twins after all. Ian accidentally killed Jason when they were young, August 25 (8-25, thus, the significance of time-triggered alter). Jason knew of this while he is in surgery with Ian’s long-time doctor, Philip, to remove the alter by using a chip that Jason invented. But, tada, here’s the thing: Ian is NOT the alter. Jason is. Good bye, Jason Cole. Hello, Ian Price.

Needless to say, I cannot sleep. It’s 2:30 in the morning. I hate this ending.


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