I Have an Amazing Mom

It’s amazing how I hardly have time for anything. So when a Sunday opened up on my schedule, I blocked it off for family. After all, it’s Father’s Day.

My (original) idea of spending Father’s Day was this: defrost the fridge, wax the floor, clean my room. We are going to have visitors (aka household) on Wednesday and on Friday, so yesterday was my only free time to clean prior to. Booo-ring.

Well I guess the universe had other plans, as we spent the day like this: Stayed up late the night before to make a general Father’s Day letter that would be read on Sunday mass at our parish, sang for choir, ate at KFC (not the usual tapsilog-after-mass thing because it was supposed to be a special lunch out, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind eating tapsi every Sunday / for the rest of my life), mom did last-minute shopping for first day of school of the younger sibs (while we sat in a corner of the book store reading on the floor – my brother read TruBlood, my other brother read young adult fantasy books, my lil sister read How to Train your Dragon 2 and kept raging how Hiccup’s mom is still alive, while I basked in the glory of all the classics such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, etc.), covered 8 school books and 3 notebooks for my sister’s school and prepared the younger sibs’ bags — my mom’s idea of mother-daughter bonding. Btw, my rate at covering books with plastic is approximately 10 minutes per book. Not bad, not bad for an OC like me.

*Disclaimer: Only girls can truly understand the meaning of the next few paragraphs. Also, if blood eeks you out, then run along and work, I will understand.*

So in between covering books and crossing out school things from the checklist, I asked mom, “May napkin ka?” to which she replied, “Wala. Bakit hindi mo sinabi kanina pa, sana dumaan na tayo sa Watson’s, nasa SM na rin lang tayo? Sana kanina pa tayo nakabili. Anong oras na, wala ng bukas na tindahan ngayon…” I’m pretty sure she said more but I zoned out. Anyway I went to the bathroom and made improv napkins aka an army of panty liners. (FYI I have a reproductive system which sucks at being a reproductive system, because I don’t have normal cycle and blood surprises me when I am in a very, VERY unlucky-place-to-have-a-period aka during Hillsong concert jam-packed with people with no sure way of getting to the toilet without people stepping on my foot for at least 18 times). So improvisation is not new to me anymore. I even told myself, “I just have to get through the night.”

I woke up this morning and ran to the bathroom, only to find a drop of blood there, to which I thought “Hay nako wala naman pala, pinakaba lang ako.” So I went straight to the dining area, only to find:

..together with a bottle of toyo (soy sauce) for lunch. It amazes me how this woman who have 5 kids would even remember that I needed them napkins when I only mentioned it once, ONCE while we were in between the chaos of books and pens and school bags. I mean, I’m already 26, the eldest. I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself already. They don’t worry anymore when I’m out late, don’t worry if I’ve already eaten or not, don’t worry if I’m okay. I mean, sure they do, but not as much as they worry about my younger sibs whom they have to monitor all the time. So it’s a good feeling, having mom take care of me and my needs every once in a while. I wrote this blog so I won’t ever forget that this year, on the first-day high chaos of my 2 sisters and 2 brothers, when my mom had only 3 hours of sleep because she stayed up late to cover books and woke up early to cook breakfast and attend to my sibs’ needs and bring them to school – MY MOM REMEMBERED A LITTLE THING THAT HER ELDEST KID NEEDS. I am greatly loved.


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