People Got Used to Wrong. (Rant)


Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d know that this year, a massive lot of people are riding the train (MRT) everyday. This means long lines, minutes to hours of waiting time just to get on board, guess whose odor stinks the most – is the smell, skin to skin with other passengers (kung close kayo talaga lalo kapag rush hour, pwede ring cheek to cheek or nose to nose. How sweet!) Your sweat against mine kind of thing. But hallelujah, for the past two months, albeit the long lines, the hours of waiting turned into just minutes – 20 minutes max of waiting in line and slowly creeping into the canal-smelling canal to the escalator to the train. And off, you go.

Although the waiting in line time is lesser now, miraculously, it still annoys me when annoying people cut the line. For me, it’s either they are blind, desperate, disrespectful, or just plain stupid. I mean, this is a simple command of discipline that we are being asked to comply with – falling in line. It is being taught in nursery. Why a lot of people fail to do this is beyond me. Just shows how our citizens lack a lot of discipline in small things that makes me wonder how else would they be entrusted with bigger responsibilities for the common good of the country, like voting for the less corrupt politician.

Anyway, call me self-righteous, but I always stick by my line. And I do not stop with that. I GUARD my line. If I see someone trying to break through or someone not following where the line is, I am brave enough to ask them nicely to follow and respect the people who are waiting in line. That’s just one person against 429,000 others who ride the train daily – so what made him/her think she is more important a passenger than any of us and that s/he can just walk right through and not give a damn about the line, right? What gave him/her such privilege?

So this morning, I was going about my routine aka read Dante’s Inferno while waiting in line. The line is unusually longer this morning, as it went over from the usual until-the-second-establishment-only building to the third building which is currently being constructed. For the sake of those who don’t know yet, the line’s faster on the SOGO Hotel side, so that’s where I usually line up. There’s SOGO Hotel with newly-built Mini Mart, followed by another building with trucks in them, then construction site (with bonus mud during the rainy mornings, yayy what joy!). There are guards who cut the line when you approach the SOGO Parking area, so the cars have space to enter and exit the building, then again before you reach the MMDA railing.

One stupid blustart sneaked in. I call him stupid because I can’t even imagine why he thought he would be able to get away with his crime. He sneaked in between 4 people ahead of me, so there’s this distance between us, I doubt he would hear me if I call to him from where I was. Seconds passed, then a minute. The guy behind me mumbled something, but nothing else. I looked at the faces of those beside me and those before me to see what their reaction was. Nothing. Blank, zombie-like faces (oh gods, it’s happening). Like seriously. So what I did was tell the man behind me, “Wait lang po kuya (Save the line for me).” I walked to this disrespectful young man, poked him, then harder until he faced me, then asked him, “Excuse me, pumili po ba kayo? Ang haba po kasi ng pila sa likod,” in my most amazingly patient and calm voice, albeit the boiling blood inside me. He told me, “Sorry, pasensya na,” and walked away.

I see two accounts of wrong here:
1. As I’ve already pointed out, it irks me that people think of themselves as important human beings, that they think the people in line are less important than him/her, so s/he just decides to sneak in line while the others wait patiently. And,
2. that people knows what he did was wrong but let it pass. Nobody except me reacted to it. Nobody bothered to correct what has been done wrong. It’s as if they don’t care at all that they waited and probably wasted a good amount of time in line while this person thought he could cut that time in half by sneaking in. He almost got away with it. Almost successfully did it. Which means he was bound to do that again in the future, until somebody was brave enough to actually SAY SOMETHING. To tell him that IT’S NOT OKAY, that WHAT HE DID WAS PLAIN WRONG. It bothers me that all those people just stood there and did nothing.

No wonder we have so many corrupt people in office now. We know they are wrong. Some mumble about how they feel about it, but just sits there all the same and does nothing. Most, however, practically just ignores it, does absolutely nothing and goes back to thinking about themselves. This is the kind of society that we are in. We are so full of ourselves. We only think about ourselves. Something major happened, but we don’t care, because we have a lot of stuff going on for ourselves.

Way to go.


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