The One Year in the Making Resolution of LTFRB

Two years ago, my dad met an accident. He was hit by a fast cab driven by a 70-year-old driver while he was crossing the street. It resulted to my dad being bed-ridden for a few months and a family barely holding the situation of having to take care of him, trying to earn and get by with the limited sources of income that we had back then.

Because we were compassionate enough not to file a criminal case against the poor old driver and the operator from the start, we held on to an agreement – that they will sustain us monetarily for the damages they have caused, and for the days that my father won’t be able to perform his duties for us. Of course, this agreement was doomed as they failed to comply on the succeeding months that followed, so we decided to file a case against them.

After months (more than a year) of going back and forth to LTFRB for hearings, it has finally come to an end. Here is The Resolution, albeit being disappointing.

Ito na ‘yung lahat ng pinaghirapan at pinagkagastusan namin.


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