What Never Should Have Been Said.

So we’ll sit in silence
Straining our eyelids
Till they’re reminded
It’s buried behind it~

Because you always leave me, yet you always find your way back.
Because you hurt me without doing anything and without you knowing.

We’re taking memories from the past
Making these images made to last
So I close my eyes

You thinking back to the good, ol’ days
Holding on to what still remains
So I’ll show you why

The pain is faded and the cause has chipped
Hidden in an old place where we once lived
So I won’t let it go

They are all fragments
Of something we miss
So much more than just
Mental images

The keys beneath my fingertips
A flashback to those midnight trips
Simple, little memory
That always gets the best of me~

Because these words will be left unsaid and will be buried by our memories all these years.

So I keep all these hearts all lost inside of my head
Coz I’m known for saying what never should have been said.~


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