Happy Birthday, A!

Early 2014, I wrote a long list of what I would want to have this year. Part of that list is to have a best friend.. You know? Someone I can annoy everyday, someone I can call even in the middle of the night just because I’m feeling nostalgic about my ex, someone who would make sense of the thoughts inside my head.

I guess these letters on my planner became a hopeful thought, and this hopeful thought became a silent prayer. And it sneaked up on me so slowly and quietly.. Now I’m ticking it off because I know I already found one! She’s more than what I’ve hoped for. She’s better than those best friends in the movies.

My best friend has a lot of talents. She’s crazy (lol), consistent and has these weird obsessions that changes every month. If you think for one second that these obsessions are personal, then you’re wrong. She would force me (and her boyfriend, and everyone else) to try these obsessions, else you won’t hear the end of it. Like this selfie obsession. Everything she’s done for the past months are all because of her selfie obsession. She was obsessed with painting her nails, with putting on liquid eye liner, with applying liquid foundation on her face, then she colored her hair red. She even has this outfit for when she takes selfies. Oh, she also got obsessed with post-selfie processing like editing and filtering.. and posting on Facebook (of course!) When she got bored with seeing all her selfies, she wanted to see other people’s selfies. So she forced us to try selfies everyday as well and planned our Facebook profile photos and banners look. The real talent there is not that she can take a million selfies for many months, but that she manages to make them look really good and not annoying. Only she can pull off something that cool. I bet even Aphrodite would have a hard time competing with that!

Another talent she has is talking. Non-stop. I can go up on the elevator and she wouldn’t even notice that our line went shaky for a few seconds. I can take a bath and still keep her on the line. I could brush my teeth or sleep and she can still manage to maintain the whole conversation. I have never met anyone who can talk to anybody and bring out interesting conversations, and can talk for hours as much as she does. I bet she can talk to the walls about what to eat when in Thailand.

This person has a lot of love to give, and she doesn’t even know it. She always tells me that it’s hard for her to find real friends that would stay by her side, all things considered. Add this to the fact that she is good with reading people, and that she wants to keep only a few, trusted friends. It must be true. There had been a lot of people who hurt her or took advantage of her in the past, and I’m so sorry she had to go through that. There had been a lot of times as well that she felt she had more than her share of tough luck. I just wish that her life is somehow a better one now because I’m already a part of it – which would negate all the other bad lemons the world might throw her way (like not having Internet connection for weeks). But I think the universe more than made up for her past by conspiratorially putting people in her life that would fill her with so much love so that, in turn, she can give more love to others as well. I’m telling you this: If you stay by her side, you’d know that she’s a real gem. I thought it was no biggie, but she worries that I go home late almost every night, and would wait up for me until I get home. She would text or call just to make sure I made it home safely. She would nag about eating healthy food and eating on time. Sometimes I wonder if I was really given a best friend or a second mother, `coz she reprimands me too, but she chooses her words carefully so it won’t hurt as much. That’s just her way of showing that she cares. She’s also so thoughtful, she sent me a box with well-thought off gifts like a notebook and pen to encourage me to write more, a stress ball for when I ride the MRT, and (to support her love for selfies — see, I told you her addictions are infectious!) a bunch of nail polish.

I can go on and on about the real talents this girl has. There are lots, believe me. But the real talent is how she manages to speak with me everyday without getting annoyed of my mundane ramblings; knowing all of me but deciding to stay in my life nonetheless.

I couldn’t be more thankful that I have you as my friend, A. I feel honored and lucky, very lucky. I know that what we have is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that not all people get to have what we have now. Even though we have different beliefs, I want you to know that I will forever be grateful that He allowed us to meet in this lifetime. Everyday I pray for you. Know that my life is way better now than it used to be because you are already part of it. I love you, and I hope we get to keep each other all our lives. Happy birthday!


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