HATING CEBU PACIFIC (All caps for emphasis and feelings)

This is a rant post.

I’ve heard a lot of negative stories about Cebu Pacific. That did not stop me from waiting for piso fares and booking cheap flights because, come on, admit it – they still offer the cheapest flights there is. For most people, like me, that might just be the solution to making those New Year’s resolution “to travel” come true. Else, traveling would well be for the rich.

Yes, as you’ve probably figured out by now, cheap flights equal to crappy, shitty service. I’ve stayed up til 2 in the morning on January 27 just so I can book my friend’s flight to General Santos. I booked the same flight last December, so it would be nice to have someone else with me. Swerte nga kamo, her flight is cheaper than mine because of their combo promo: piso fair and no fuel surcharge fee. We tried paying via credit card but the site acts up everytime (we keep getting an error message). So we tried another payment method available, the 24-hour easy pay. Just a backgrounder, I also used their 24-hour payment service via payment center partners, I paid at SM North without additional fees. So my friend went to SM to pay her fees the following day, only to find out the SM won’t accept her booking number, reason being this: her booking number is just 12-digits long. SM requires 14-digit booking number. I called Cebu Pacific to clear this up with me. The agent said it’s because she chose a different mode of payment (although I still cannot see how that could be the case when we both chose the 24-hour option). The 14-digit booking number can be paid via SM Billing Center while the 12-digit booking number can only be paid via:

1. The call center agent using credit card (meaning I’d have to give her my credit card details) and with additional call center fee on top of my paid web admin fee;
2. Ortigas payment center (which is nowhere near me) and with additional processing fee on top of my paid web admin fee [Gahd why do I need to pay additional fees just so I can pay my booking? Oh, the irony.];
3. Their new payment center partner, Express, Inc. which has numerous offices in QC. This is the catch. My option is 24-hour period payment, but the Express, Inc. offices have cut-off time (which defeats my 24-hour privilege). The best part is, the agent does not even know the exact address and phone numbers of Express, Inc. offices so I can at least call them to verify what their cut-off time is. How can they have a payment center partner and not know how I can get there? Iisa-isahin ko na nga ang mga offices nila para sa chance na makabayad before their cut-off time, hahanapin ko pa kung saan banda ‘yung office nila? If that’s the case, then shouldn’t Cebu Pacific pay me for my efforts in finding the exact location of their partner payment center and the cut-off times for their payment, not the other way around?

While on the phone with Agent Sabrina, I typed the addresses of the Express, Inc. payment center offices that she gave me. We stopped when she told me, “Bago Bantay, QC. ‘Yan lang po ‘yung address na nakalagay dito. Walang street.” She’s just so clueless as to how big Bago Bantay is.

Cebu Pacific, please. Get yourself together and give us reasonable service for a change. I’m not asking for 5-star service as I realized we’d need to pay you thousands for that, but just reasonable. We may be cheap travelers but that does not make us shitty-service tolerant. We’re customers nonetheless, so give us reasonable service that we deserve.


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