Unang Tula.

Pitong taon na ang lumipas nang huli akong sumulat ng tula. Pitong taon mula nang aking itinago ang mga papel at panulat. Pitong taon kong kinalimutan at binura sa isipan at sinabi sa sariling hindi ko na ito babalikan. Matagal-tagal na rin akong naghahanap ng mga kasagutan; mga bagay na hindi ko naman naiintindihan. Pilit hinahanap ang liwanag sa mga eskenitang nababalot ng kadiliman. Araw-araw, tinatahak ang daan na magdadala sa akin ng kasiyahan. Pitong taon na ang lumipas ngunit wala pa rin akong kasagutan. Marami pa ring tanong sa aking isipan. Marami pa ring alinlangan. Hindi pa rin mapakali … Continue reading Unang Tula.

Discovering More of God’s Love through the Liturgical Bible Study

It started with a poster.

It was a simple poster containing all the details of an activity called “Liturgical Bible Study”. I was intrigued. The venue was just across from where I work. I looked for my old and overused youth Bible and went there without expecting that I would know anyone.

It has been a year since then.

This poster started it a year ago. I saw this poster on Facebook, went to Bo's Coffee without worrying if I would recognize somebody there or not.
This poster started it a year ago. I saw this poster on Facebook, went to Bo’s Coffee without worrying if I would recognize somebody there or not.

It started with a resolution.

The time that I saw the poster was also the time when I started pushing myself to meet new people and go out of my comfort zone. I thought then, “This is the perfect opportunity to deal with my resolution of meeting new people.. attend a Bible study.” Meet new people, I did.

It started with a person.

Someone introduced me to this Liturgical Bible Study some 4 years back. She facilitated Bible study after Bible study almost every week during households. She was the one who wanted so bad for this to happen. I remember even buying a youth Bible for myself just so I can understand the weekly readings. One thing is for sure: the seed was already planted deep in my heart.

It started with a desire.

A deep longing in my heart to really know more about God. To seek for Him through the Scriptures. To understand His ways, His emotions, His motives. The more I read about Him, the more I fall madly in love with Him. The more I sink in the entirety and depth of His love for me.

All these were affirmations of what happened last weekend at the World Single’s Congress (WSC) 2015. Continue reading “Discovering More of God’s Love through the Liturgical Bible Study”

(Life) Lessons from Amazing Race

Each year, the servants of Singles for Family and Life – Sto. Nino Parish hold an Amazing Race to kick off each year of service for God. It is a successful way of opening each year (so far) – the number of people participating each year is proof of that. Each household / team is competing for free World Singles’ Congress (WSC) registration fee which is P1, 300 / person. This year, I was given an important task of writing the clues. I was pretty confident of what I had accomplished, until God wrecked my plans. Here are the most … Continue reading (Life) Lessons from Amazing Race

HATING CEBU PACIFIC (All caps for emphasis and feelings)

This is a rant post. I’ve heard a lot of negative stories about Cebu Pacific. That did not stop me from waiting for piso fares and booking cheap flights because, come on, admit it – they still offer the cheapest flights there is. For most people, like me, that might just be the solution to making those New Year’s resolution “to travel” come true. Else, traveling would well be for the rich. Yes, as you’ve probably figured out by now, cheap flights equal to crappy, shitty service. I’ve stayed up til 2 in the morning on January 27 just so … Continue reading HATING CEBU PACIFIC (All caps for emphasis and feelings)

2014 in Photos

2014 was a great year because I was surrounded by awesome people. So before I move on and say hello to 2015, I want to sit down and embrace the awesomeness of the year that was and thank the Lord for giving me a great year. Here are my best moments of 2014: Thank you, Lord, for keeping Your promises for me. It was truly a great year. I marked a lot of firsts. Thank you from the bottom of my fat heart ❤ Continue reading 2014 in Photos